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The Big League part 6

We're rushing towards the end game! Well, we might be. I dunno. How many more members are there? *checks* Oh, well... This could take an extra chapter. Oh, well. Let's see who's gonna show up in the Justice League next!

Blue Devil (Daniel Cassidy)
Joined: Justice League America #98

Blue Devil was a special effects and stunt guy in the movies. The Blue Devil costume was designed as part of a film, but an encounter with a demon left Daniel Cassidy bonded to the costume permanently. Later dying and coming back to life as an actual Blue Devil, Cassidy served with the League for a short while, though these days you're more likely to find him as a member of one of DC's supernatural teams, such as the Sentinels of Magic or Shadowpact. We're unlikely to see him in a League movie, but a possible appearance somewhere in the DC film universe isn't off the cards.

Icemaiden (Sigrid Nansen)
Joined: Justice League America #98

Sorry Icemaiden, but if there's gonna be an icy lady in the JLA film, it'll be Ice.

Joined: Justice League Task Force #12

L-Ron was a robot who assisted the Justice League in a very much supporting role for a while. Then, in order to stop a rampage by the villain Despero, the Green Lantern Kilowog transferred L-Ron's consciousness into Despero's body. L-Ron served with the League in this form for a while, though Despero was able to regain control on occasion. L-Ron and Despero were eventually separated and returned to their own bodies. L-Ron may appear in his robot form as a supporting role in the Justice League movie. A robot helper isn't out of the question, and when there's one already waiting, why not use it? There's also a chance that Despero could show up down the line as a League bad guy. Will we eventually see this weird body swap on the silver screen? Not impossible.

Mystek (Jennifer Barclay)
Joined: Justice League Task Force #26

Originally starting out as an enemy of the Ray, Mystek was offered a second chance and membership in the League by the Martian Manhunter. Unfortunately, her tenure was short, as she died soon after. Not much chance of seeing her in a JLA film.

The Wonder Twins (Zan and Jayna of Exor)
Joined: Extreme Justice #16

Yep. The Wonder Twins, of Superfriends fame. I hope to God they're in a JLA film. "Wonder Twins powers activate!"

Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)
Joined: Justice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare #3

In the nineties, DC Comics did the unthinkable (again), and turned Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, into a supervillain known as Parallax. Unlike when they killed off the Flash, there was no Kid Green Lantern to take his place. Instead, DC took the radical move of creating an entirely new character to take up the mantle of Green Lantern in Kyle Rayner. Kyle more than acquitted himself as GL, proving that he was different to Hal Jordan, but just as great. Like Wally West as the Flash, Kyle was Green Lantern when I first started reading comics. If you asked me who my favourite Flash is, I'd say Wally West. Ask me my favourite GL? Actually, I can't decide. I love Hal and Kyle equally, and I'm glad that since Hal's return in the pages of Green Lantern, Kyle hasn't been overlooked, taking center stage in Green Lantern Corps. Chances of seeing him on film though? If Green Lantern does well (not long to wait now), then we may well see him in a sequel. In the League? Hmmm...

Tomorrow Woman (Clara Kendall)
Joined: JLA #5

An android created by Professor Ivo and T.O. Morrow to infiltrate the League and take them down from within, Tomorrow Woman ended up turning on her creators (as these androids designed to infiltrate super teams on behalf of the bad guy always do) and sacrificed her own life to save the League. Don't be surprised if this forms the storyline of a future JLA sequel.

Aztek (Curt Falconer)
Joined: Aztek #10

A warrior trained to fight the ultimate threat to Earth, and granted the technology to do so, Aztek joined the League, but left shortly after when he found out that one of the main financial backers of the Aztek project was one Lex Luthor. Feeling that he couldn't serve with the League knowing that he owed his abilities to one of their greatest enemies, Aztek left the team. However, when the world destroying engine Maggedon arrived at Earth, the very threat Aztek was created to oppose, he sacrificed his life to aid the League in destroying Mageddon. Aztek's storyline was a key part of Grant Morrison's tenure on the JLA book, which all culminated with the Mageddon storyline. It would make an excellent DC Universe film, not just a JLA one, and if that happened, Aztek would be front and center. Shame it's not gonna happen.

Green Arrow (Connor Hawke)
Joined: JLA #9

The son of the original Green Arrow, Oliver Queen, Connor Hawke took up his father's superhero identity when Ollie was killed. Connor's time with the League was brief, but he more than held his own against the Key and the Injustice Gang, proving himself to his team mates. It's not likely we'll see him in a film, except maybe as a child if Green Arrow ever gets a solo venture.

Oracle (Barbara Gordon)
Joined: JLA #16

The one time Batgirl, Barbara Gordon was paralysed by the Joker and later became Oracle, Batman's information central. Oracle soon started helping other heroes as well, including Black Canary and Huntress, eventually being brought into the Justice League by Batman. However, with DC's upcoming reboot, it appears that Barbara Gordon is walking again, and once more filling the costume of Batgirl. Quite how this is happening is unclear at the moment, though the writer on Batgirl, Gail Simone, is one of DC's best, and has been writing Barbara for years in Birds of Prey, so she's in good hands. Still, DC's decision to suddenly have Barbara walking again has been a controversial one, so I would expect them to steer clear of Barbara, in either of her incarnations, in the cinema for the forseeable future.

Plastic Man (Patrick "Eel" O'Brien)
Joined: JLA #16

Under the correct writer, Plastic Man is hilarious. During Grant Morrison's run on JLA, and subsequently under Mark Waid, as well as in the hands of Kurt Busiek in JLA / Avengers, Plas was very much the comic relief. It'd be nice to see him in a JLA movie, but to be honest, he's just too whacky. Honestly, the best thing to hope for is a new cartoon series. That'd be cool.

Steel (John Henry Irons)
Joined: JLA #16

When Superman was killed by Doomsday, steelworker John Henry Irons, who had previously been rescued by Superman, took it upon himself to fill the Man of Steel's shoes. Building a high tech suit of armour, Irons turned himself into a literal man of steel. Continuing to operate as Steel upon Superman's return, Irons was eventually invited to join the JLA. Steel may show up in a future Superman film, and if that happens, could conceivably graduate to a JLA film after that. Let's just ignore the previous attempt at a Steel film in which Shaquille O'Neal played the part. Please.

Joined: JLA #16

An angel. An honest to God angel on the Justice League. I'd be surprised if he showed up in a JLA film, though rumour has it that Grant Morrison created him simply to have a winged character on the team while Hawkman was unavailable. Could the film makers pull a similar trick?

Wonder Woman (Hippolyta of Themyscira)
Joined: JLA #16

Continuity strikes again! Like Superman and Batman, Wonder Woman was created in the Golden Age of comics, and fought alongside the Justice Society of America during World War II. But then, when continuity had to change, and Supes and Bats were written out of these adventures in order for them to still exist in the present day, Wonder Woman went a slightly different route. Rather than pretend she just hadn't been there, DC instead said that there was, indeed, a Wonder Woman fighting with the JSA during WWII, but it wasn't Princess Diana. Instead, it was her mother, Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons. Later on, when Diana wasn't apparently killed, Hippolyta again took up the mantle of Wonder Woman, and served in the Justice League until her daughters return. Hippolyta will be in a Wonder Woman film. She will never join the League in a film.

To be continued...

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