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The Big League part 5

I thought about rebooting my blog, going back to part 1 and pretending the previous entries didn't happen as a tribute to DC Comics, but then I realised, that would be stupid. Onwards!

Metamorpho (Rex Mason)
Joined: Justice League International #24

Metamorpho, the element man, could transform parts of his body (or the whole thing, if necessary) into any of the elements on the periodic table, though he was also stuck in the bizarre form you see above. Metamorpho has been killed twice in the comics, and returned both times, having what would probably be best described as a cult following. Don't be surprised if Rex has some kind of cameo in a Justice League movie.

Power Girl (Kara Zor-L / Karen Starr)
Joined: Justice League International #24

Okay, Power Girl's another of those characters who gets confusing thanks to DC's love of a crisis. Originally, she was the cousin of Superman from Earth-2 (the world populated by the Justice Society, in which Superman fought during World War 2), basically being that universe's version of Supergirl. Then Crisis on Infinite Earths happened, the two worlds merged, and Power Girl wasn't a Kryptonian any more. Instead, she was the daughter of an Atlantean sorcerer. But then Infinite Crisis happened, and she was Kryptonian again, but her universe didn't exist any more and... Anyone else want another entry on Hawkman? It's unlikely we'll see Power Girl in a JLA film, as it's just difficult to know how they'd handle her. Notice I went the entire entry without mentioning her costume...

Crimson Fox (Vivian and Constance d'Aramis)
Joined: Justice League Europe #13

An interesting one this. Crimson Fox is a superhero identity shared by identical twins. The sisters would take it in turns to wear the costume, allowing each of them to have some semblance of a normal life when they weren't superheroing. Of course, that isn't much help when both of them get killed, but oh well. While the character is too obscure to feature in a League film, the idea of twins sharing an identity like this is an interesting one. Don't be surprised if it shows up in a superhero film at some point. Shut up, the Prestige doesn't count. There's not a superhero in sight.

Blue Jay (Jay Abrams)
Joined: Justice League Europe #20

Dear DC Comics, just because you name one superhero after a tiny bird, and find success with him as Batman's sidekick, it doesn't mean it will work twice. What's that? He can shrink? Yeah, 'cos blue jays do that all the time. No.

Silver Sorceress (Laura Neilsen)
Joined: Justice League Europe #20

Silver Sorceress (who didn't wear silver) used magic. She's dead now. Will she be in a JLA film? No chance.

Maya (Chandi Gupta)
Joined: Justice League Europe #50

I have no idea who this is. *checks wikipedia* Oh, right. Well, she's Indian, she has elemental powers, and she's never going to be in a JLA film ever.

Justice League Antarctica
Joined: Justice League Annual #4

A group who appeared only once, and who were very much brought together to take the piss a bit. Though one member, Major Disaster, would go on to join the League proper in JLA #69, it's highly unlikely any of them will make the JLA film.

Triumph (William MacIntyre)
Joined: Justice League International #67

Triumph was supposed to be one of the Earth's great heroes, but, as sometimes happens, he got lost in a dimensional limbo and everyone forgot he existed. When he finally returned, he was a bit of an angry fellow, and managed to get himself fired from the Justice League. Later on, a Bitter and resentful Triumph launched an attack on the JLA with the aid of an imp from the fifth dimension. He almost took them down too, but unfortunately for him, the League were being aided at this point by Hourman, Captain Marvel and the JSA, who also had an imp from the fifth dimension on the team. Triumph was turned into an ice statue by the Spectre, and was presumably killed when the JLA headquarters was destroyed. Triumph's story in the pages of JLA, as told by Grant Morrison, was a high point in a run of stories which were all rather excellent. It would make for a good film in and of itself, though you'd need to get the back story out the way somehow and involve the JSA too. It's unlikely, but it would be damn cool!

Hawkman (Katar Hol)
Joined: Justice League America #0


Nuklon (Albert Rothstein)
Joined: Justice League America #0

With that mohawk, you better hope Nuklon appears in a JLA movie! Though, if he does, it's more likely to be sans mohawk under his current identity of Atom Smasher. Which I haven't listed here 'cos he was never in the League under that name in the comics. Just in the awesome Justice League Unlimited cartoon. As far as I know.

Obsidian (Todd Rice)
Joined: Justice League America #0

Obsidian is the son of Golden Age Green Lantern and Justice Society of America founding member, Alan Scott. While Obsidian is pretty cool, don't expect him to show up in a JLA movie. Obsidian's more associated with his dad's team, the JSA. What would be cool is if DC and Warner Bros gave us the war time JSA movie we discussed in the entry for the Golden Age Flash, then hit us with a sequel to that set in modern times and featuring Obsidian and his sister, Jade.

Amazing Man (Will Everett, III)
Joined: Extreme Justice #0

Dude's called Amazing Man. Far as I'm concerned, that's reason enough to have him in a film.

To be continued...

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  1. G'Nort! I demand the JLA film features G'Nort in a leading role and the next Green Lantern film (since that should help it suck slightly less!)