Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Big League part 4

You know how it is, you start out hoping to update your blog about who we will and won't see in a Justice League movie on a weekly basis, then you get ill and have a birthday. And then, in the two weeks when you're not blogging, DC Comics go and announce that they're rebooting their whole bloody universe. Again. Soon as they do, everything in this blog could be rendered obsolete! Still, that isn't happening until September, so as long as I'm done by then, I still win. Shall we get on with it?

General Glory (Joseph Jones)
Joined: Justice League America #50

Oh, no, DC weren't having a friendly pop at Captain America at all with this uber patriotic hero, and his sidekick, Ernie the Battling Boy, was definitely not Bucky. With Captain America taking centre stage in his own movie and the Avengers, it's unlikely DC and Warner Bros will want to risk sticking General Glory into any Justice League film. Also, no one's heard of him.

Tasmanian Devil (Hugh Dawkins)
Joined: Justice League America #56

No, not the cartoon character. He's a superhero who won't be in the Justice League film. Next!

Maxima (Maxima of Almerac)
Joined: Justice League America #56

Originally a Superman villain, Maxima later reformed and joined the Justice League, staying with the team during Doomsday's rampage across America which led to the death of Superman. Maxima was a mainstay of several versions of the League for a little while, but eventually returned to her old ways and joined the Superman Revenge Squad with other enemies of the Man of Steel. Since then, Maxima has been one of those characters who walks the line between hero and villain, occasionally falling either side of it. There's a chance we'll see her on the silver screen one day, but it's more likely to be as a bit-part in a future Superman film than as a member of the League.

The Ray (Ray Terrill)
Joined: Justice League America #71

The Ray is one of those characters who never catches a break. He was a member of the League, the Titans and Young Justice, but just never seems to be able to break into the A-list. I'm fond of the character, so there's some bias, but I think there's a chance he'll show up in a Justice League sequel.

Black Condor (Ryan Kendall)
Joined: Justice League America #71

Black Condor is... Um... Well, he was in the Justice League. For a bit. He... Um... Can fly and stuff... Okay, I'm pretty clueless... about a lot of the League members during this period, if I'm honest. Let's hedge some bets. Black Condor will definitely be a main character in the League movie.

Agent Liberty (Benjamin Lockwood)
Joined: Justice League America #71

Hey, look, it's that guy! He'll be in the movie for sure. What? Yeah, I know exactly who he is. He's Agent Liberty. He... um... Okay, fine, I know nothing about him. I said right from the off I don't know the League as well as I know the Avengers. This is your proof.

Joined: Justice League America #78

Ah, now this guy I do know. He's all mysterious and stuff. No one even knows his real name! What we do know is that he gains his powers from the mystical bloodgem he wears, which also has ties to the demon Rott. He's quite a cool character, with a good look, but it's unlikely he'll show up in a League movie.

The Flash (Jay Garrick)
Joined: Justice League America #78

The original Flash from the forties, Jay Garrick is better known as a member of the Justice Society of America, the precursors to the League. It's unlikely we'll see him in a League movie, though he may well have some kind of cameo in a Flash movie. Let's also hope that the JSA themselves eventually get their own film, and we see all the Golden Age characters up on screen together, if for no other reason than Flash has the best helmet in all of comics. Um... On his head, there.

Animal Man (Buddy Baker)
Joined: Justice League International #24

Animal Man has the ability to tap into the powers of any of Earth's many animals. This isn't what makes him fun though. The most interesting thing about Animal Man is that he knows he's a comic book character living in a fictional universe. The best thing DC can do with Animal Man is to introduce him in a League movie, then spin him off into his own solo venture. One which gets very weird and trippy, as the comic did when, who else, Grant Morrison was writing it.

The Flash (Wally West)
Joined: Justice League International #24

The third man to carry the name and legacy of the Flash, Wally West started his superhero career as Barry Allen's sidekick, Kid Flash. When Barry died during Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wally became the first teen sidekick to take up his mentor's identity. Quite naturally, Wally ended up joining the League, and served as the Flash for many years. For me, personally, Wally is my favourite Flash as he was the one who was in the role when I was reading DC comics. While Barry has returned to life, and his role as the Flash, recently, Wally remains the Flash for many fans. It's not likely he'll appear in a Justice League movie as the Flash, but may well turn up as Kid Flash in a Flash or Teen Titans movie.

To be continued...

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