Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Big League part 3

I couldn't come up with a good intro for this latest part of my series of blogs on who we may see in a JLA movie, so I won't bother. I'll just dive right in with...

Mister Miracle (Scott Free)
Joined: Justice League #1

Mister Miracle is the universe's greatest escape artist, created by Jack Kirby as part of his ambitious Fourth World project. The son of the Highfather of New Genesis, Scott Free was raised on the world of Apokolips when the Highfather and Darkseid swapped sons in an effort to strengthen diplomatic relations between the two worlds. Mister Miracle won't appear in the Justice League film, but if DC and Warner Bros are smart, they'll do a stand alone New Gods film (which could be amazing if done properly), before merging some characters into the JLA franchise. It would be tricky, but done properly, it would also be awesome.

Doctor Light (Kimiyo Hoshi)
Joined: Justice League #1

Doctor Light took not only the name, but the costume of a supervillain who raped the wife of long term Justice League member, Elongated Man. Bit insensitive, really. I mean, sure, that was a retcon which came well after Doctor Light first appeared, and due to a whole thing with a memory wipe, it was hardly common knowledge, but still... Whadda bitch, huh? No place for her in the movie! Probably. But not 'cos of that. More likely, they'll end up using the villainous, male Doctor Light instead at some point.

Booster Gold (Michael Carter)
Joined: Justice League #4

A time traveller from the future, Booster Gold uses the advanced technology in his suit to fight crime. He also has major sponsorship deals with some big companies. Remember Captain Amazing in Mystery Men? Tone him down a bit, and you've basically got Booster. Booster also has something of a double act going with Blue Beetle, so if either one appears, the other can't be far behind.

Captain Atom (Nathaniel Adam)
Joined: Justice League International #7

Captain Atom is one of the more powerful members of the JLA over the years, with super strength, flight and the ability to generate powerful energy blasts. He does also come with the unfortunate side effect of exploding if his containment suit gets torn, but c'est la vie. Captain Atom would be an interesting character to explore in a JLA film, though it's unlikely to happen in the first one. However, an appearance in his civilian identity, as an air force pilot, isn't entirely out of the question, setting him up for an appearance in a future film. Let's hope they ignore all the Monarch stuff though. Don't ask.

Rocket Red 7 (Vladimir Mikoyan)
Joined: Justice League International #7

The Rocket Reds are a group of humans wearing armoured battlesuits who originally protected Russia. The first of them to join the league was Rocket Red 7. Who promptly turned out to not be human at all, but was in fact a Manhunter, one of the androids created by the Guardians of the Universe before they started using Green Lanterns, who were now a bit psychotic. Rocket Red 7 was soon destroyed by Booster Gold, and won't be in the Justice League film. But he does lead us nicely onto...

Rocket Red 4 (Dmitri Pushkin)
Joined: Justice League International #11

Um... See above, but ignore the Manhunter bit. Rocket Red 4 was nice. We probably won't see him as a main character in any League film, but an appearance from the entire Rocket Red Brigade somewhere down the line isn't out of the question.

Fire (Beatriz da Costa)
Joined: Justice League International #14

Fire has fire powers. But they're green. She's a pretty cool visual, but to be honest, we've got a pretty cool green visual already in Green Lantern (hopefully), and having her on a team with the Martian Manhunter (whose main weakness is fire) is just asking for trouble. Unlikely. However, we get that Formerly Known as the Justice League sitcom, there's a home for Fire right there.

Ice (Tora Olafsdotter)
Joined: Justice League International #14

Fire and Ice often come as a team, so basically, go read Fire's entry again, but exchange fire for... well, ice. Oh, and she's less green. And Martian Manhunter doesn't really have a problem with Ice. Other than that, it's the exact same entry. Coulda just cut and pasted, but I wrote a whole 'nother entry instead. I'm generous like that.

Hawkman (Fel Andar)
Joined: Justice League International #19

No chance. The second Hawkman to join the League, but if we're going to see a Hawkman, it'll be the first one, and we won't be seeing him any time soon due to the previously mentioned continuity issues.

Hawkwoman (Sharon Parker)
Joined: Justice League International #19

So, remember what I said about Fire and Ice's entries, and my generosity? Yeah, not happening this time. Second Hawkwoman. Read second Hawkman's entry. Done.

Huntress (Helena Bertinelli)
Joined: Justice League America #30

Turns out, Gotham City is crawling with vigilantes. The daughter of a mob boss who was killed by his rivals, Huntress began patrolling the streets of Gotham, but her more violent tendencies often put her into conflict with Batman. Batman has tried to reign Huntress in, inviting her to join the League twice, but it just never seems to work out. Helena has a vicious streak, and she doesn't care. Huntress is a pretty cool character, and it would be nice to see her on the screen, but it's more likely to happen in a Batman film than a JLA one.

Doctor Fate (Linda Strauss)
Joined: Justice League America #31

Hang on, there was a lady Doctor Fate? Since when? Huh. The things you learn... Um... Yeah, totally a main character in the Justice League movie. Next!

Lightray (Sollis)
Joined: Justice League America #42

Another of Jack Kirby's New Gods, Lightray, like Mister Miracle, is unlikely to appear. But lets hold out hope for that Fourth World movie, eh? Then we'll eventually have to see the League take on Darkseid, and Lightray will be there. Fingers crossed, eh?

Orion (Orion of Apokolips)
Joined: Justice League America #42

The son of Darkseid (who was traded to the Highfather of New Genesis by his father in exchange for Mister Miracle, remember? Diplomacy, eh?), Orion was raised on New Genesis, but found his lust for battle and more violent tendencies, inherited from his father, hard to curb. However, Orion points his anger in the right direction, and has joined the Justice League a number of times. He's a very interesting character, and one who would be fun to explore in detail. Not in a JLA movie though. I keep coming back to that Fourth World movie. It's a good idea. C'mon DC and WB! Do it! Small side note. In Justice League Unlimited, Orion was voiced by Ron Perlman. Who else thinks that wouldn't be bad casting in the flesh too?

To be continued...