Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Paddy's Going Dancing - part 2

I'm back from my first ever Street Dancing lesson, and I have to say, I'm completely converted. I learned the steps, I found the rhythm, and it turns out, I am a dancer. It's the kind of thing you're not ever going to find out until you try it, and you have to go in with an open mind, but by the end, I was back flipping with the best of them!

It was the back flip wasn't it. Too much. I had you until then!

The truth is, I'm not a dancer. I wasn't awful, not by any stretch of the imagination, but I struggled. By the end, I could just about follow half of what we were shown by Deb, the teacher, but I found it hard to remember the whole thing and keep time. I know, I know, no one who hasn't done it before is going to pick it all up and be great in only one hour session. That's not what I was there for.

I went along to try something new. And because Twitter ganged up on me. But mainly the first one. From this point of view, I'm glad I went. There was a certain amount of fun to be had, and while at first I was thinking "Oh no. I'm the only man here. I'm going to look ridiculous", that soon went away and I was gamely trying to join in the dancing. I even forgot I was "dancing" to Lady Gaga, an artist I almost loathe, and just went along with it.

Almost disappointingly, I didn't fall over or make a massive tit of myself once. When I lost it, I'd just stop and stand there until it finished, or until I was able to pick it up again. For the purposes of this blog, that's not particularly handy. I don't have anything major to report. No broken bones, no offending the other dancers until they wanted me dead, no surprise appearances from roaming bands of Monguls. Just me trying to learn a dance.

So, at the end of this, have I caught the bug? Am I going to go back?

No, I'm probably not. Like I say, there was some fun to be had, and Deb's a good teacher, but it's just not for me. I'm happy with my three categories of dancing (see part 1) and shall remain so until I'm rocking out in my wheelchair at the age of one-hundred and three. However, if you're interested in dance, and I know I have a number of friends who might read this that are, then I really think you should go along. You might learn something new, and you'll probably enjoy it.

Tell Deb I sent you.

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